Spend Your Summer in the Last Frontier


Thanks for your interest in the Alaska Rugby Intern Program. Selected interns arrive as ambassadors for developing Alaska Rugby. The general purpose is to help promote Alaska Rugby and aid its growth by sharing their passion and ability in the sport played in heaven. In turn, interns get real world experience as a grounds manager and tangible leaderships roles. Interns are also here to see Alaska. Our Alaskan adventures are memories that are never forgotten and friendships that last a lifetime.

The intern program is open to both men and women. They will support a range of rugby clubs and rugby activities in the Anchorage area. Currently Anchorage has four zones of youth teams spanning five age groups, Anchorage also boasts six men’s teams, and four women’s teams. All clubs are amateur in nature but always are looking at adding more players and quality coaching staff. Interns will be assigned a primary club based on club needs matched with intern skill-set.

Up front, if it is a good fit for a potential candidate and the mountain grounds with the intern program, they will have an amazing place to stay for the summer and leads in the job hunt if required, but realistically consider Alaskan rugby a wonderful summer vacation and not a traditional employment opportunity in itself. They will need money for food, personal travel and other supplies.

If this sounds where you want to be, E-mail: Alaska Mountain Rugby Grounds Manager

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