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Impact Rugby Tours provides rugby teams with the opportunity to travel to England to compete against foreign opposition and be trained by professional coaches with different coaching methodologies. In addition to competing, the players, staff, coaches and their families are able to experience the cities and counties where the matches and training sessions are held. Our team tours, therefore, afford experiences and benefits that are difficult to replicate without international travel taking place.

Curiosity is an obvious reason for international travel. Many young rugby players have never travelled to Europe, some have never flown before and almost all will express a fear about the possible problems that could develop. But after the trip, the sense of adventure and accomplishment will exist and for some, this may be the greatest adventure of their lifetime, and an experience that will be remembered and talked about forever.

The learning that takes place during an international rugby tour is another positive effect of international sports travel. Being immersed in another culture, shopping with foreign money, seeing and visiting famous landmarks, sampling local cuisine, visiting museums and castles. These experiences cannot be duplicated by reading or in the classroom. International travel affords learning experiences in geography, sociology, history, art and music and obviously rugby.

Friendships also develop during these rugby tours. As well as further bonding with team-mates, meeting with opponents after matches allows participants to start interactions that often result in players and coaches keeping in touch after the tour, usually via social media.

Improved eating habits also sometimes result from foreign travel. With breakfasts, lunches and dinners containing foods not commonly eaten in the United States, the boys and girls on these rugby tours often find themselves trying and enjoying food they have never previously tasted.

Increased self-reliance, independence and self-confidence are important benefits of our international rugby tour experiences. Players are always given the opportunity to explore (without parents), this provides a feeling of accomplishment and boosts personal confidence.

In summary, the benefits to boys and girls (youth & high school) and men and women (college) from the United States who compete in rugby tours to England are numerous. Participating in a rugby experience, learning in a variety of disciplines, friendship development, improved eating habits, enhanced communication and listening skills, increased self-reliance, skill improvement, and enhanced prestige are included among the benefits.

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